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10 GPS Tracking Questions Answered

We have selected some commons questions that often get asked in emails by website visitors.

Can you track the exact location of a package?

Yes. This is possible when a GPS package tracking device is included with the package. The device will provide its exact location using GPS satellites (or alternatives such as GLONASS, Galileo) combined with a data communication channel to the software application server – so you can then track its exact location inside a GPS tracking dashboard.

How do I track a package on Google Maps?

Following on from the above question, a GPS tracking dashboard will be built around mapping data, including Google Maps. You can see an example on these youtube videos.

Does USPS have GPS tracking?

No. At the moment we are not aware of the United States Postal Service using official GPS tracking technology.

Can you track a shipping container?

Yes. There are container tracking devices that can be fitted to a standard shipping container or reefer to enable it to be tracked. There are multiple types of technology available depending upon the requirements as to where the shipping container should be tracked – within a port; over land or over ocean.

How do I track a vessel location?

Large vessels have a transceiver onboard called a AIS (automatic identification system) which communicates with coastline AIS base stations. Vessels can be tracked using services such as and

What is the smallest GPS tracking device available?

The smallest GPS tracking devices tend to be highly specialised and customised devices that use RF technologies instead of ceullar modems, they also have very low battery capacity.

How can I track a car without GPS?

Unless you are law enforcement – when you can track a car using number plate recognition for example – it isn’t possible to track a car without GPS technology.

Can GPS work without Internet?

Yes. GPS is a technology that doesnt need the internet to work – in fact GPS was operational long before the internet became widely available.

Can GPS work without SIM card?

Yes. GPS is a one-way radio technology that sends signals to a GPS receiver. It does not require a SIM card, however, a GPS tracker may require a simcard if the user want realtime, live tracking information.

How long does a GPS tracker battery last?

This varies based on 2 key factors as well as some environmental factors. The key key factors are 1) battery size – more battery capacity allows for a longer GPS tracker operating time. 2) transmission frequency – GPS trackers can be set to report location at different intervals, more frequent updates will use more battery.  Lastly, environmental factors can effect how long a GPS tracker battery will last. These factors include: mobile network signal strength; GPS satellite signal reception and even the ambient temperature around the GPS tracker.

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